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MTN Water Based Colour Pack 24

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A water-based spray paint with low odour consisting of pigments of the highest quality!

Ergonomic size (300ml), fast drying, low pressure and a highly versatile valve give you full control and makes this a great product to use in any kind of work.

This is a 24-pack with 25-pack MTN Caps / nozzles and 10 latex gloves in size Medium.

  • 4 x RV-9011 Carbon Black
  • 3 x RV-9010 Titanium White
  • 1 x RV-7040 Neutral Grey
  • 1 x RV-1021 Cadmium Yellow Medium
  • 1 x RV-2004 Azo Orange
  • 1 x RV-3020 Naphthol Red
  • 1 x RV-3004 Carmine
  • 1 x RV-29 Phthalo Blue Light
  • 1 x RV-69 Cobalt Blue Light
  • 1 x RV-68 Cobalt Blue
  • 1 x RV-5002 Ultramarine Blue
  • 1 x RV-211 Quinacridone Rose
  • 1 x RV-4010 Quinacridone Magenta
  • 1 x RV-213 Red Violet
  • 1 x RV-173 Dioxazine Purple
  • 1 x RV-34 Brilliant Light Green
  • 1 x RV-6018 Brilliant Green
  • 1 x RV-254 Phthalo Green Blue
  • 1 x RV-219 Turquoise Green
  • 1 x MTN Caps - 25 Pack
  • 1 x 10 Pack Latex, Medium

About MTN Water based 300ml.

  • 41 solid colors: Durable matte paint, featuring great resistance and opacity for all types of applications.
  • 5 fluorescents: Intense and bright colors that react to exposure to "black light".
  • 2 metal colors: Metallic pigments and resin for great coverage and intense shine without staining at touch.
  • 2 semitransparents: Paint of low opacity suitable for creating volume, glazing and effects.
  • 2 varnishes: Transparent Varnish for universal use. Suitable for protection of all kinds of surfaces.
  • Color matched with MTN Water Based markers and paint refills.
  • Since 1994 Montana Colors has been engaged in meeting all the requirements for preserving the environment and health of its customers. Montana Colors complies with ISO-9001 and ISO-14001, among other certifications, following standards in quality, health and ecology. All products are made with completely recyclable materials.
attachment Safety Data Sheet Swedish
  • Shake well for about 3 minutes and then occasionally during the whole painting process to ensure that the paint is well mixed the whole time.
  • Water soluble and easy to remove with only water for about 30 minutes. Once the paint dries it is water resistant.
  • Use the MTN Water Baser varnish after the paint is fully dried (24+h) to enhance protection.
  • Easily apply the paint with a brush by spraying it in the lid for example.
  • Materials such as untreated metals and some polythylenes might need some spadework (see our primers).
  • Please note that water-based spray contains less resin than "regular" spray, which in turn causes the paint dries faster at and around the cap / nozzle. Wich could make caps, mostly skinny ones, to clog faster.
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