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MTN Hardcore Colour Pack 15, Set A

Nice-price!  •  Item ID: MTN-HC-colour-15A

Hardcore 2 by Spanish MTN Colors is a pure graffiti spray can with a high pressure and a special valve, that releases a lot of color and allows the spray can be painted with extra fast, but at the same time it's soft so you have maximum control of the beam.

Here you will find our finished nice-price Hardcore 2-pack. Choose from a total of four sizes; 15, 24, 42 or 72 spray cans, all of which are available in A and B versions, where A focuses on primer and B on complementary colors. The package comes complete with original caps, Medium sized latex gloves and a good mix of MTN caps / nozzles.

Then add as required under the accessories below, as well as see the exact color list under specification.

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  • 3 x MTN Hardcore 2 400ml (R-9011 Black)
  • 2 x MTN Hardcore 2 400ml (R-9010 Divinity White)
  • 1 x MTN Hardcore 2 400ml (R-3020 Light Red)
  • 1 x MTN Hardcore 2 400ml (R-6018 Valley Green)
  • 1 x MTN Hardcore 2 400ml (R-2004 Orange)
  • 1 x MTN Hardcore 2 400ml (R-1021 Light Yellow)
  • 1 x MTN Hardcore 2 400ml (RV-258 Manga Pink)
  • 1 x MTN Hardcore 2 400ml (R-4003 Erika)
  • 1 x MTN Hardcore 2 400ml (RV-213 Merlot Red)
  • 1 x MTN Hardcore 2 400ml (RV-29 Arctic Blue)
  • 1 x MTN Hardcore 2 400ml (RV-217 Avatar Blue)
  • 1 x MTN Hardcore 2 400ml (RV-218 Neptune Blue)
  • 1 x Montana Latex Handskar, 10-pack Medium
  • 1 x MTN Caps - 10 Pack
  • Glossy
  • High pressure
  • 105 colors
  • Quick drying
  • 400 ml
  • Since 1994 Montana Colors has been engaged in meeting all the requirements for preserving the environment and health of its customers. Montana Colors complies with ISO-9001 and ISO-14001, among other certifications, following standards in quality, health and ecology. All products are made with completely recyclable materials.
  • Shake well, about 3 minutes. Continue to shake in intervals during the painting process to ensure that the paint is thoroughly mixed throughout.
  • Spray from a distance of 15-20cm. Thin layers, layer on layer.
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