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Chameleon Pack of 5 Pens Skin Tones Set

5-Set  •  Item ID: CT0510

Chameleon Pens markers with a little something extra. It is unique in its kind as it can change color. Each pencil can go from very light to very rich tones, eliminating tonal gaps in your collection. Chameleon pens, one pen, several shades! Chameleon Color Tones are built to last and hold almost twice the ink of a regular marker pen.

  • For easy, seamless color gradations
  • Create depth, dimension, highlights, shadows and shadows, all with a pencil.
  • Can also be used as a traditional marker.
  • Professional quality, with alcohol-based ink.
  • Refillable and has replaceable Japanese tips.
  • Permanent on most surfaces (including fabrics, glass, plastic and wood).
  • Compatible with all other alcohol-based pens and inks.

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Contains the colors:

NU00 Neutral, NU0 Sand, NU2 Light Peach, NU4 Carmel, BR4 Burnt Umber.

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