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Grog was created to meet graffiti handstylist requirements. With help from professional chemists and more than 10 years experience of graffiti writing Grog has created one of the most popular inks on the market. Today their product range also include squeezers, metal heads and markes.

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  • GROG's History

    GROG was born in 2005 after a group of graffiti writers with a passion for producing ink put their knowledge and experience together to be able to offer their product on a large scale. GROG managed to establish itself in the market in just a few years and is now considered one of the biggest brands in graffiti and bombing, a modern icon thanks to its ink / color, but also thanks to its recognizable design. A star that has been seen on the world's streets for well over a decade, always 100% made in Italy.


    Grog markers and squeezers

    grog markers for tagging

    GROG's flagship product is their Grog Squeezer, a modern variant of the old handmade mop. Thanks to its unsurpassed flow control and with that thick, opaque color where it's possible to control the flow. Their squeezers are available with both the full metal paint (FMP), and their fluid, penetrating, permanent "Buff proof ink" (BPI), as well as with "Street killer ink", ( SKI), the blackest, deepest and indelible ink.


    grog squeezer 10

    grog ink

    Ruff Stuff Paint (RSP) is their super-thick, compact paint that works on all surfaces including dirty, rusty, rough and wet surfaces thanks to its specially designed tip. Xtra Flow Paint (XFP), a glossy, opaque paint with good flow properties that goes well in all markers with a felt tip.

    Aqua Pro Paint (APP), a water-based acrylic paint. Covering, matte and permanent when dry. Perfect for canvas, paper, cardboard, wood and more. In addition to using it in their APP markers, it can be applied with paint brush or airbrushed.


    grog squeezers markers metal heads

    grog markers ink

    GROG are available in a variety of different cape sizes of these colors. 5, 10, 20 or 25 mm.
    Squeezers come in different sizes so you can choose what suits you best.
    The large ones that last a long time or their mini variants of 10 or 20mm that fit nicely in the pocket. All sizes are available in empty pens and refills in all color variants and colors are available for purchase.






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