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Three Sixty Five - Martin LaCasse

4 x Books  •  Item ID: PRST0011

Martin LaCasse best selling artist of -Take What you Can... Give Nothing Back, has returned with an all new book. Martin took on the task of drawing everyday for a year. He picked a subject each month to focus on and set about creating a unique idea for each day. His sketches are complete thoughts and are fully functional skeletons for other artists to pick up and carry on. His intention was to create a book of tattoo ideas focusing on his most popular subjects from flowers to skulls, tiger to eagles, and everything in between. This book is an unbelievable piece of reference, it?s 4 volumes each include three months worth of drawings. Martin also created 12 new full color paintings to introduce each month.

The book set also features Martin?s own hand written notes and lessons, which lend great insight to the artist?s ideas and challenges throughout the project. This collection is for anyone who has an interest in tattoo art, and the works of Martin LaCasse. For everyone who tattoos for a living you must own this book, it is an absolute gift. We promise!!

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