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The Way To Brush 'n' Spray The Way To Brush 'n' Spray The Way To Brush 'n' Spray The Way To Brush 'n' Spray The Way To Brush 'n' Spray

The Way To Brush 'n' Spray

Lars "Laurus" Oschatz  •  Item ID: P-BU13504
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The Way to Brush 'n' Spray - Lars 'Laurus' Oschatz from Berlin is an expert in terms of spraying techniques, what this book proves impressively. What makes him a special spray artist, are his roots in graffiti. Laurus originally worked with the spray can, which he uses until today. His unique mixing technicals with spray can and air brush makes this book so interesting, because here he provides all interested artists an insight into his techniques and tricks.

This book shows how to plan and implement designs correctly and what special features do the different substrates, whether it is a vehicle, an indoor design or large buildings. The detailed depictions of nature designs is his special subject. With over 400 illustrations on 208 pages, this is a content-rich art-book for hobby sprayer and professional airbrush artists.

1. Farewell, dull daily grind!
2. Canvas design
3. Professional facade design
4. Interior wall design
5. Design of vehicles and objects
6. Workshops
7. Materials and sources

Hardcover, format: 297 x 210 mm, 208 pages Language: English.
ISBN: 978-3-00-042414-4

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