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Finsta Graphics

Softcover book, 96 pages  •  Item ID: ISBN:9789185639236
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Finsta is one of the most eyecatching illustrators and designers out of the European graffiti scene. For the past ten years his work was spread beyond his native Sweden. Finsta's work is an universe of its own, presenting characters, settings and artifacts such as the Finstablaster, enormous ghettoblasters in wood with a painted front cooler than any real boom-box. Finsta's graffiti styles are completely unique with with pieces that weave themes that permeate the letters. Many of the letters are actually characters. His paintings, comic strips, street art, graffiti styles and commercial work are all done in the same unique style, influenced by both graffiti lettering, low-brow and comic artists like Robert Crumb and Jim Phillips. But most of all, Finsta's work is full of the unexpected. He has the gift to invent new settings, just by adding a little touch. In most part it's Finsta's humour that plays the main role. A humour that he likes to share.

ISBN 978-91-85639-23-6, 96 pages, Swedish edition.

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