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Freight Train Graffiti

Book, 350 pages  •  Item ID: ISBN:9780500285961

A thick book on American freighttrains, ranging from how the system was built up to how the graffiti moved from the subways to there.

The American Railroad: Right-Of-Way, The Development of the freight train system.

From Vandalism to Art: Writing, How graffiti became a culture.

Freight Pioneers: American-made, From subways to freight trains.

Creating a movement: Rolling stock, Connected by rails.

With the force of a freight train: Rolling thunder, The return of a trainpiece.

The new rail fans: Highballing, The next generation.

The opposition: Derailments, Chase stories.

Monikers: Oilbars, Names and messages.

Conclution: Limitless service, endless tracks.

ISBN 0-500-28596-9, 21x18.5cm,350 pages, English edition.

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