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Artvibe Graffiti Magazine 1 Artvibe Graffiti Magazine 1 magazine Artvibe Graffiti Magazine 1 graffiti Artvibe Graffiti Magazine 1 graffiti magazine Artvibe Graffiti Magazine Artvibe Graffiti Magazine 1

Artvibe Graffiti Magazine 1

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This is the latest magazine on streetart. Made mainly of materials provided by people with positive vibration. Intended for those who create, will create or created and still want to be up to date in the world of graffiti. Inside you will find reports from graffiti jams, photos of panels, photo relations from cities, interviews with active writers and streetart artists. In the first issue, sixty-four pages without any advertisements, filled with material in english and polish version, from 2021 year (shots mainly from Poland). The magazine is available in a limited amount. The project will be published at least three times a year.

In this issue:

4-7 Wrocław Main Railway Station
8-10 Cargo
11-13 Trains
14-19 Photorelation Fight or Die #5 Poland - Nowa Sól
20-25 Interview - Eskaer
26 Scatch session Nonames- MF DooM
27 Sąsiedztwo Pany Graffiti Jam
28-33 Photorelation Stań pod Murem #16 Poland - Czeladź
34-43 City - bombing, colors, characters, ...
44-47 Photorelation The art of Banksy Poland - Warsaw
48-50 Interview - Flove (HBO, BDK)/
51 Samer (UPS) - sublimation
52-55 Stickers
56-57 Nederland - Eindhoven Trip/
58-64 Photorelation Meeting of Styles Poland - Lublin


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