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1-Shot Sign Restoring Clear, 946ml

Restoring glosslevel, 946ml  •  Item ID: A-4003
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Used to restore the gloss level and color reproduction of texts and motifs painted with One shot enamel paints. it also works as a classic clear coat. Clear, oil-based liquid. 946ml.

  • 1-Shot 4003
  • Dries to touch in 3-4 hours
  • Restores gloss level
  • Compatible Surfaces: Previously painted surfaces, paper, cardboard, muslin, stretched canvas, Masonite, glass, and properly prepared metal.
  • Hardeners: 4007 Hardener. No more than 10%.
  • Reducers: ZZ6000 Chromaflo En
  • 946ml
  • Surface Preparation: Apply over clean, dry surfaces that are free from wax, grease, dust, chalk, etc., and have been painted with the appropriate 1 Shot/Chromatic Primer.
  • Application: Brush, Roll, Conventional or Airless Spray
  • Limitations: When applying 1-Shot clear over work done with 1-Shot Lettering Enamels, allow a minimum 10 day cure time to completely harden. Add 5-10% 1-Shot 4007 Hardener to the 1-Shot Lettering Enamels at the time of painting and you can topcoat with 1-Shot clear after 2 days. When using 1-Shot Clear on vehicles, do not wash vehicle or allow gasoline to come in contact with the area until 30 days after application
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