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1-Shot Brush Cleaner, 946ml

Brush cleaner, 946ml  •  Item ID: A-4004
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A premium product designed for conditioning and cleaning brushes that have been used with oil based paints. Excellent for reconditioning, softening, and renewing partially hardened natural and nylon brushes and will not interfere with the properties of oil based sign paints.

To clean your brushes start by wiping any superfluous paint with a paper towel. Put in Brush cleaner and let stand for a good while. Finish by washing your brush in some new Brush Cleaner to remove any excess paint. To conserve it until your next session, use the Neatsfoot Brush oil.

  • 1-Shot 4004
  • Brush Cleaner
  • 946ml
  • Clean brush thoroughly with 1 Shot 4004 Brush Cleaner.
  • Rinse by stirring cleaned brush in second container of clean solution.
  • Work a suitable brush oil into the brush’s hair, making sure if works up into the ferrule.
  • Partially hardened brushes can be softened in most cases by soaking for several days.
  • Not intended for brushes that are completely hardened by paint or containing lacquer paint.
Average rating 5/5 based on 1 reviews.
The perfect accompanying cleaner for a superb paint.
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