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Iwata Pistol Grip Filter Iwata Pistol Grip Filter

Iwata Pistol Grip Filter

Moisture-trap  •  Item ID: I-Vimfa450
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The Iwata Pistol-Grip Filter is a filter that is inserted between the airbrush gun and the hose. Collects condensate formed from the compressor and allows your airbrush to feed clean and dry air.

Provides a good flow and prevents a variety of nuisances that moisture can cause in your airbrush pistol. If your compressor already has a similar filter, it's still good to use the Pistol-Grip Filter too, as the condensation can still arise in the hose from the air comming from the compressor to the gun.

  • The filter can be cleaned without being removed from the airbrush
  • It also provides extra support to your hand when you paint
  • Fits all Iwata airbrushes
  • Visual inspection of moisture build-up
  • Attach directly between airbrush and airhose
  • Press button to release moisture
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