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Loop Colour Pack 72

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Loop spray paint, from Italy. Pure graffiti spray paint with high pressure, equipped with a soft versatile valve that suits all types of writers. Filled with opaque, permanent paint that covers well and gets a satin finish when it is dry. 400 ml

We have put together a wide range of ready-packs, perfect for those who need some inspiration or just don't want to choose themselves. Loop Colour Pack 72 consists of a total of 72 spray cans in a nice basic color range, 50 mixed caps / nozzles and 10 pairs of latex gloves in size Medium.

Nice-price 5% package discount!

  • 6x LP-100 White
  • 10x LP-104 Black
  • 2x LP-109 Sevilla
  • 2x LP-126 Helmond
  • 2x LP-136 Manchester
  • 1x LP-140 Leeds
  • 1x LP-141 Cambridge
  • 1x LP-142 Derby
  • 1x LP-143 Bristol
  • 1x LP-144 Brighton
  • 1x LP-147 Birmingham
  • 1x LP-158 Faro
  • 1x LP-159 Beja
  • 1x LP-160 Coimbra
  • 2x LP-161 Porto
  • 1x LP-162 Amadora
  • 1x LP-163 Lisboa
  • 1x LP-164 Thessaloniki
  • 1x LP-187 Helsinki
  • 1x LP-188 Oulu
  • 1x LP-189 Oslo
  • 1x LP-190 Copenhagen
  • 1x LP-202 Strasbourg
  • 2x LP-203 Metz
  • 1x LP-204 Lens
  • 2x LP-205 Lille
  • 1x LP-206 Rennes
  • 1x LP-207 Calais
  • 1x LP-250 Torino
  • 2x LP-251 Milano
  • 1x LP-252 Bergamo
  • 1x LP-253 Brescia
  • 1x LP-254 Venezia
  • 1x LP-255 Bolzano
  • 2x LP-263 Pisa
  • 1x LP-264 Prato
  • 2x LP-265 Lucca
  • 1x LP-266 Firenze
  • 1x LP-267 Siena
  • 1x LP-268 Livorno
  • 1x LP-306 Vienna
  • 1x LP-308 Linz
  • 1x LP-310 Salzburg
  • 1x LP-311 Graz
  • 1x LP-357 Miami
  • 1x LP-358 Orlando
  • 1x LP-359 Tampa
  • 1x LP-361 Key West
  • 1x Loop Caps - 50 Pack
  • 2x Latex gloves, 10-pack Medium
  • Shake the spray can well, at least 3 minutes
  • Keep on shakeing in intervals during the painting process to ensure that the color stays stirred
  • Always Test Spray on something other than the main surface, so you see that color acts good
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