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Mirka Ecowet Sandpaper P1000

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Mirka Ecowet Sandpaper P1000 wet sanding paper is a professional sanding paper of the highest quality intended for wet sanding.This is clearly one of the best sanding papers on the market.

Suitable for metal, composite, varnish, paint, primer and fiberglass. The flexible and durable paper provides a long service life and an extremely good finish. Use a sanding block to get a smooth surface with a nice scratch pattern. For best results, go through all the grain sizes (from the lowest number and up) and always rinse the sanded part and the grinding block and change the water when changing the grain size.

The sandpaper is available in several different levels of coarseness, the larger the number, the finer the sandpaper. For example, P60 = very rough, P2000 = extremely fine.

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