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3M 6000 Gas Mask (with filter)

Complete Gas mask  •  Item ID: A-3M6000-M
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The lightweight 3M(TM) Half Face Respirator 6000 Series offer safety, comfort and ease of use. Complete double filtered half mask including both dust filters and charcoal filters. Protects against aerosols and paintfumes. The filters is exchangeable and can be bought seperatly. Available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

  • Colour‎: Grey,‎ Dark Grey,‎ Light Grey
  • Harness Type‎: 4 point
  • Net Weight‎: 82 g
  • Primary Material‎: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Product Series‎: Half Mask 6000 Series
  • Product Type‎: Half Face Mask
  • Size‎: S,‎ L,‎ M
  • Standards/Approvals‎: EN 140:1998,‎ CE Approved
  • Typical Application‎: Construction
  • Cartridge or Filter Type‎: A2 (6055)
  • Filter Type‎: Gas & Vapour Cartridge
  • Gas & Vapour Protection Type‎: Organic Vapours bp>65 °C
  • Product Series‎: 6000 Series
  • Standards/Approvals‎: EN14387:2004 + A1:2008
  • Cartridge or Filter Type‎: P2 R (5925)
  • Filter Type‎: Particulate Filters
  • Gas & Vapour Protection Type‎: Solid and liquid particles
  • Product Series‎: 5000 Series
  • Standards/Approvals‎: EN143 : 2000
  • Always replace both carbon and dust filters at the same time
  • Always keep the gas mask in sealed plastic bag when not in use
  • The service life (i.e. how long it will last) of any filter is affected by many factors – some being: concentration and identity of contaminants, breathing rates, humidity levels, ventilation, temperature, carbon exposure time etc.
  • Replace both the 3M Gas & Vapour Cartridge Filters:

    • When the expiry date stamped on the sealed packet has elapsed.

    • Once opened, maximum use time is 6 months (even if

    not used). The carbon will absorb contaminants from the general environment.

    • When contaminant can be detected by smell or taste.

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