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Chameleon 5 Color Tops Nature Tones Set

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The pen that makes blending easy. With Chameleon's color mixing system, anyone can do it because the pen literally does the mixing for you. Create simple stunning effects like color gradations, highlights, shadows and shading, with just a pen. You can also make seamless color-to-color blends.

Requires Chameleon Color Tones Pens for use. Pop any of these 5 color tips on any colored pencil.

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Simply pop a Chameleon Colour Top on top of a Chameleon Pen. Rather than blending two colours on the page, blend colours at the source (nib) instead, for beautiful, smooth and seamless colour blends. One colour just flows into the other. Even opposite colours like orange and green can be blended together without a seam.

Pack contains these colors:

BR1 Taupe, BR3 Cinnamon, GR1 Green Apple, GR2 Dark Sage, GR4 Evergreen.

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