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Uni Paint Markers

Japanese Uni Mitsubishi Pencil that is producing Uni Posca is also producing the UniPaint Markers. The main difference is that the Uni Paint Markers are filled with alcohol based paint. Creamy color packed in beautiful metal flow pensHere you find the classic Uni Paint Marker PX-30. PX-20, PX-21 and PX-203.

Uni Paint Markers
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    Uni Paint Marker, the pen that delivers regardless of the surface. Uni Paint Markers contain a waterproof oil-based paint with vibrant pigments. Uni Paint Marker is for you who want to be sure that what you leave behind lasts a long time.

    The color in Uni Paint Markers is especially well suited for metal, wood, glass, and indeed any surface. The pens come in several variants and colors with associated nibs in different sizes. Uni Paint Markers are here to stay and we offer Uni Paint Markers in the classic sizes PX-30 and PX-20 in all the classic colors such as silver, gold, black and white.

    Uni paint markers

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