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15 years ago New Yorker Craig Costello aka KR known for his drippy tags started developing his own silver ink that later got the name KRINK. Today the product line also includes markers, squeezers and mops. KRINK continues to build its name as the premier art supply line for a new generation of artists.

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    To tell KRINK's story, we need to tell the story of KR who, through the hard way, learned the recipe for success. One of the world's fastest growing brands when it comes to materials for graffiti painters can be seen as the result of the prevailing climate during 80's and 90's New York.

    KR grew up in Queens, surrounded by graffiti painters, punks and skaters. Graffiti was everywhere and given the poor financial conditions, DIY was a must for practitioners; experiment with techniques and tools, build your own markers, mix ink, rack paint and share knowledge.

    The train scene had almost died out in New York in the late 80's. The art form sought out the streets and highways. The writers were more and more mobile and ventured into new areas - styles and tools changed. Homemade markers that were the norm were too messy, and their homemade inks quickly faded in the sun.
    A brand writers liked were Pilot's silver pens. But in the early 90s, KR began to experiment to develop an even better tool. Meanwhile, he lived in San Francisco and used the city as his lab. After a lot of experimentation, he came up with his KR Ink, or KRINK.

    When he returned to NYC, he began working with a store to bottle up his ink and sell. It was a success and today Krink ships quantities of ink and pens etc. from their warehouse in Brooklyn, NY to the whole world. They also make limited products in collaboration with e.g. Casio, Coach and Nike.

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