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Highlights established in 2001. For more then 15 years we have been serving both artist and collectors the finest selection of art supplies, clothes and books related to graffiti and street culture. In this section we presents a selection of products produced under our own label.

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  • Our story begins at the end of the 1990's, when we started selling spraypaint to friends and acquaintances from our small storage in Uppsala, north of Stockholm. It just took a few years to be time consuming enough and for us to realize that this was too much work for us to do aside from our normal daytime jobs, so in the fall of 2001 the doors to our first store opened. Located at Östgötagatan in Södermalm, Stockholm we sold spraypaint, markers, sketch material and even some streetwear from the small 50m2 shop. We released our first webstore in 2003 in order to reach out to the rest of Sweden.

    We opened our second store in 2006, at S:t Eriksgatan in Stockholm. A shop in the same style and with the same range as the first store, until 2012 when the time came to renew it and integrate a gallery. Later the same year it was time to move the original store at Östgötagatan just around the corner into bigger facilities at Tjärhovsgatan 1. Now we could broaden our range of spraypaint, art supplies and clothes substantially.

    We have gone from some friends selling paint directly from our own front doors, to a company with over 10 employees and a total of 3 stores. And we are very proud to offer you Swedens finest Lifestyle-shop with the best range and expertis in graffiti, streetwear- and culture!

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