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Dj Producer Making Beats DVD

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Learn to make beats using drum machines, samplers, keyboards, sample cd's & more, interviews with music insiders, 5-part method for making beats, an overview of MIDI & audio interfaces. Finally, a video tutorial that documents the mysteries and inner workings of producing urban electronic music.

Join Richard "Spyda" Bonnin on a tour using samples, sequencers, drum machines, computers, and more. You?ll learn how to create today?s hot beats right in your own home via an easy to follow 5 step method.

Informative interviews include Herbie Hancock, Robert Moog, Wally Callerio, Super Sako, Sdf1, and Dj Jam.

Many urban music styles are covered- from Hip Hop to House, Jungle, R&B, and more. Discover the popular tools and methods that will help you get the most out of your studiotraks. A "MUST HAVE" DVD for DJ?s, Remixers, Producers, or anyone wanting to know more about electronic music production.

Review by Mgmnt / Turntablelab:
"This is an excellent DVD for people who want to get into beatmaking or those who have recently purchased production equipment. The video is not really a straight up "how to video," it's more of an overview, giving you an excellent understanding of the general process. Like many things in djing, this leaves it mostly up to you to fill in the details. The video is split into 2 sections. The first covers beatmaking machines, and gets into some detail with the MPC, Roland, Triton, and others. Your guide Richard "Spyda" Bonnin creates beats on the fly and explains the standard features of a drum machine/sequencer. The second half focuses on Midi and computer based software. This section gets more in depth than the first, with representatives from several companies (Reason, Roland, and others) going over the basic and advanced features of their software. In addition, the DVD does an excellent job explaining how midi works, your first basic step for working on a computer. Before you go ahead and buy an expensive beat making package, we recommend you to drop the $16 for this very informative primer."

60 minutes, Pal reg.1, English edition, released in 2002.

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