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Stockholm has been decorated by graffiti writers for more than twenty years. Now, for the first time, the people behind graffiti allow themselves to be portrayed. 1207 presents more than 50 of Stockholm's most active and legendary graffiti writers. Photographer Torkel Sj÷strand has followed them and photographed them on their walks through the city for three years. From SpÕnga to Norsborg, S÷dertõlje to Eker÷, suburb to inner city. In tunnels and on railroad tracks, or overlooking a magnificent vista of the city. Graffiti writers are fascinated by the places many people don't notice. 1207 is a document of a small group of people who risk their own well-being for an art form that is constantly pilloried by politicians and the authorities. We are offered a different depiction of Stockholm, and a unique document of its graffiti writers. Moreover, all the writers have written their tag in the book. 1207 is the police code for destruction of property through graffiti. With an essay by Jacob Kimvall, art theoretician and an authority on graffiti. Foreword by Irok, Stockholm graffiti writer.

128 pages, English/Swedish edition.

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