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Street Sketchbook

Released in 2007..  •  Item ID: ISBN:9780500513620

Here is an unprecedented look at the world of sketchbooks including some of the world's leading street and graffiti artists. It showcases an incredible diversity of working methods, innovative approaches and personal fixations, including declarations of love, typographic explorations, alter egos, storyboards, mythological creatures, anatomical studies, architectural drawings and extreme doodling. They may be diverse, but they all exude creativity and originality.

Over sixty-five artists worldwide are represented, including Banksy (UK), Alexander Purdy (USA), Erone (France), Joska (Germany), Blu (Italy), Laguna (Spain), Bfree (Holland), Ekta (Sweden), The Strangler (Belgium), ZBIOK (Poland) and Clayparty (Russia).

Author: Tristan Manco is a graphic designer based in Bristol. Author of the bestselling Stencil Graffiti, Street Logos and Graffiti Brazil.

Format: 29,7 x 22cm
272 pages
English edition

ISBN: 978-0-500-51362-0

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