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Art on the Wall Art on the Wall Art on the Wall Art on the Wall Art on the Wall

Art on the Wall

Wall designs  •  Item ID: G-9781908175472
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Art on the Wall reveals how designers and artists turn the blank canvases of plain walls into visceral, colorful experiences for anyone entering the room. Projects in a wide range of color, texture, size and style decorate the walls of restaurants, clubs, private homes, stores, art exhibitions and office spaces around the world. More than just aesthetic additions, these pieces of art represent the values, achievements, backgrounds and even flavors of the spaces they decorate. This title features nearly 100 walls in a variety of settings, and each project is given extra depth with information on project designers, locations and clients alongside images featuring the piece. Walls featuring graffiti murals, abstract modern patterns, textured additions, playful characters and even depictions of war and social conflict will inspire readers to look for new solutions for the blank walls in their own lives.

Published by CYPI Press
28.5 x 21cm,áEnglish text
ISBN: 9781908175472

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