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Grifhold Pounce Wheel Set, 3 pcs

For transfer of designs  •  Item ID: A-POUSET1
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Pounce Wheel Set for all kinds of applications, such as tracking, pattern making, marking, quilting, for various sewing and wood works, but of course also during the transfer process when sign painting.

When you have a finished paper sketch, you easily prepare it by following the lines with the Pounce Wheel Set wich pokes small, fine holes in a smooth path. These holes are later used to let through the powder used when transferring the sketch in question to a surface using a Pounce pad.

Convenient set includes three different head sizes: 1/4″” wheel (24 teeth per inch), 5/16″” wheel (18 teeth per inch), 7/16″” wheel (14 teeth per inch)

Average rating 3/5 based on 1 reviews.
ok, when you hold it you got impression thats a toy. light screw fastening and light alu like material. but you get 3pcs in this price so dont complain.
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