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Molotow Masterpiece Coversall 760PI

60mm, Coversall ink  •  Item ID: M-760.000
119 kr
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21 months development-time, exchangeable 60 mm high-flow tip, 8 ink-channels, 1 ,masterpiece". Our biggest pumpmarker ist absolutely record-breaking, not only judging by its numbers. Its patented Flowmaster pump-valve provides a constant ink-flow for quick applications on larger areas. The included CoversAll cocktail ink with synthetic bitumen and its pitchblack, permanent, viscoplastic coating is alcohol-based, high-covering, UV-resistant, weatherproof, quick-drying, smudge-proof and therefore perfect for indoor- and outdoor-use. Of course easily refillable with our CoversAll and Speedflow refill-cocktails.
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