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X-Grafiti Tapes 3, KROPP X-Grafiti Tapes 3, KROPP

X-Grafiti Tapes 3, KROPP

Kassettband  •  Artikelnummer: KROPP-GRAFITITAPES

Tredje upplagan av GRAFITI TAPES, ett nytt koncept av Luca Lozano, Planetluke.com och Klasse Recordings, i form av ett kassettband med musik av KROPP. Signerad och klar!

A. Osynlig fetma (Kropp + Växer)
1. The Exhibition
2. Sheik Your Ass

B. Your Planet Is Next
1. Ursula + Sabina
2. Banksy Please Answer My Emails
4. Alone

"Welcome to the third release in the GRAFITI TAPES series.

GRAFITI TAPES marries graffiti with music and music with graffiti, each tape features a luminary of the underground world and showcases their talent via a limited edition, hand numbered tape cassette release.

Make no mistake, this is no sassy street art project. GRAFITI TAPES is primarily concerned with the real deal underground vandalisms and will continue to feature artists with a traditional approach to all things spraypainted.

Each tape features handmade artwork by the artist and comes equip with a download code for all those sadly without a tape player.

GRAFITI TAPES #3 features Kropp aka Your Planet is Next, a Stockholm native and long time member of the IB crew. Aside from an unhealthy interest in Graffiti, Kropp also produces charming and raw Acid tracks under the moniker Your Planet is Next. His contribution to the tape series features solo work and work alongside Växer as Osynlig Fetma. Five tracks of uncompromising and experimental hardware jams are yours for the devouring."

Tyvärr ingår inte denna produkt i vårt sortiment för tillfället.

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