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Fuzi Keys Tee, White Fuzi Keys Tee, White

Fuzi Keys Tee, White

Ignorant People  •  Item ID: FuziKeysTee-S

Unique t-shirt with a screen print by Fuzi on the chest. Ignorant style! Also includes a pack of stickers.

Fuzi Keys To The City T-shirt, White

FUZI UVTPK (b. 1975 Paris) grew up in the Paris suburbs. For fifteen years the French artist dedicated himself with heart and soul to writing his name on trains. He is the creator of the ignorant style wich is a naive ,childlike style of painting that goes back to the New York graffiti scene of the seventies.FUZI is co-founder of the legendary group UV (Ultra Violent). He currently lives in southern France where he writes, paints, photographs and tattoos.

FUZI?s "Ignorant Style" is a mix of the eternal human themes - violence, love, sex combined with his background of street life, graffiti and gang culture. But there is always a second degree in the designs, humour and irony is an important part of his style.

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