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Parra Crew Socks, Gold Yellow Parra Crew Socks, Gold Yellow

Parra Crew Socks, Gold Yellow

Spring 2019  •  Item ID: 42320-GYEL-M-3640

Parra socks made of 63% cotton, 27% acrylic, 9% polyester and 1% spandex. Made in an oldschool circular weaving machine in Japan, from 1970. The machine itself is not particularly effective in terms of quantity, since it only produces about 50 pairs per day, but on the other hand it creates great quality socks!

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  • High quality crew socks
  • Premium fabric blend for a soft touch
  • Cotton 63% acrylic 27% polyester 9% spandex 1%
  • Made on a vintage circular knitting machine in Tokyo, Japan
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