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Montana Glass Paint 250ml

Frosted glass effect  •  Item ID: M-482977
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Montana GLASS PAINT is a half-transparent paint that dries to a matte finish. It's the perfect toll if you want to give some new life to a vase, jewelery or other glass homewares. You can also frost your windows for some extra privacy with the Montana Glass Paint.

Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml is just what you need to add color to glass while enjoying the transparency of light. Making it possible to allow light to pass through the painted glass and arrive in the appearance of the color which it has been applied. The more coats applied, the less light can pass through the object. Montana GLASS PAINT is Nitro-Acrylic-Combi based paint that is delivered under low pressure in a 250ml sized can.

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Frosted/Matt Almond
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Frosted/Matt Coral Red
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Frosted/Matt Rosé
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Frosted/Matt Orchid
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Frosted/Matt Bay Blue
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Frosted/Matt Teal
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Frosted/Matt Mint
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Frosted/Matt White
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Frosted/Matt Black
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  • Once shaken well for 3 minutes before use, this fast drying paint is dust dry in 3-5 minutes, touch dry in apx.1 hour and completely cured and hardened in 24 hours.
  • For a nice frosted effect, apply with the Flat Jet cap from a 20-30 cm distance
  • Drying times may vary subject to ambient temperatures, humidity and thickness of coating.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other synthetic or acrylic paints once dried completely. 
  • Not recommended for use for on acrylic or plexiglass surfaces. Wash by hand and avoid application to surfaces of objects that come in direct contact with consumable food and beverages.
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