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Montana Effect Crackle 400ml

Crackle effect  •  Item ID: L-418440
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Crackle lacquer for the special crackle-look (e.g. for a vintage or used-look). Prior coating of your object is necessary with Montana GOLD, Montana WHITE, Montana Varnish or Montana PRIMER. After extensively applying CRACKLE Effect to your primed area, the distressing (cracking) process will begin to occur. Must be applied to completely dry base coat. The CRACKLE spray is high-covering and can be top-coated when completely dry and cured.

Please note! Crackle effect does not work well with chrome effect paint, such as Copper-, gold- or silver chrome. Please choose Montana METALLIC instead.

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  • Color Shades: 6 RAL Colors
  • Valve System: Medium-Pressure
  • Gloss Level: Matte
  • Lacquer Base: Nitro Combi
  • Content: 400ml
attachment Safety data sheet English
attachment Safety Data Sheet Swedish
  • Clean the surface well
  • Shake the spray can thoroughly, at least 3 minutes
  • Remove the cap / nozzle and turn upside down, so the security ring comes loose. Put cap back on.
  • Prime with GOLD, BLACK or WHITE spray paint
  • Let dry
  • Apply crackle EFFECT
  • The cracks size and quantity affected by amount paint applied, see the video.
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