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Montana BLACK Season Pack, Fall 18 by Kear Montana BLACK Season Pack, Fall 18 by Kear Montana BLACK Season Pack, Fall 18 by Kear Montana BLACK Season Pack, Fall 18 by Kear

Montana BLACK Season Pack, Fall 18 by Kear

Kear [STK] Spray pack!  •  Item ID: BLK-season-pack7
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The success continues and it's time for a new season-based spray pack! Summer 2018 is represented by none other than Kear [STK]  and to the left you will see what he accomplished with the color combination.

The packet consists of a total of 18 Montana BLACK, spray cans with high pressure filled high-performance matt color that dries fast, pack of 10 Latex gloves in size medium and 10 of one of Kears favorite caps Original Cap.

Don't forget to complete with caps, gloves and colors if needed.

  • 1 x BLK-2070 Clockwork Orange
  • 1 x BLK-3065 Merlot
  • 1 x BLK-3220 Mr. Crab
  • 1 x BLK-4130 Blue Velvet
  • 1 x BLK-4230 Kidney
  • 1 x BLK-4260 Dummy
  • 1 x BLK-4280 Plum
  • 1 x BLK-4290 Amethyst
  • 1 x BLK-5270 Sorrento blue
  • 1 x BLK-6430 Reseda
  • 1 x BLK-6625 Boa
  • 1 x BLK-6725 Troops
  • 1 x BLK-7220 Morpheus
  • 1 x BLK-7230 Nostradamus
  • 1 x BLK-8230 Koi
  • 1 x BLK-8240 Falling
  • 1 x BLK-8260 Mud
  • 1 x BLK-9100 Snow White
  • 1 x Original Cap, 10 pack
  • 1 x Montana Latex Gloves, 10-pack (Medium)
  • 18 Montana BLACK, 400ml
  • Quick drying & possible to paint over directly
  • High / Low pressure!
  • High level of coverage on all surfaces
  • Perfect handling with thin caps!
  • Highly pigmented / shake well
  • Non-Drip Formula!
  • Low noise
  • Montana Cans are 100% free of heavy metals and comply with the latest international labeling and safety regulations. All materials are recyclable and the company has a quality management system ISO-9001 certification, as well as ISO-14001 and ISO-50001:2011 certificates for following environmental, safety and efficient energy management systems.
  • Shake the spray can well, at least 3 minutes
  • Keep on shakeing in intervals during the painting process to ensure that the color stays stirred
  • Remove Capen / nozzle and turn the can upside down so that the safety ring comes loose. Put the cap back on
  • Always Test Spray on something other than the main surface, so you see that color acts good
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