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MOLOTOW Chalk Pigment spray 400ml

Temporary and permanent  •  Item ID: M-970402

Chalk-pigment colors for all surfaces, for temporary and permanent application.

o UV-resistant
o Free from aromatic compounds
o Free from heavy metals
o For new effects and painting techniques

Molotow(TM) Pigment (Chalk) Spray works and washes off! The Molotow(TM) Pigment Spray is particularly designed for all temporary applications, e.g. on asphalt, concrete walls, wood, grit, gras, trees whatever you want to spray at. And of course many artists use it as special effect-color for art applications. The natural chalk pigments disappear as a result of weather influence or by cleaning with water.

About Molotow
Molotow is one of the biggest and oldest brands in the graffiti industry. Famous for their Molotow Premium spray paint and since a couple of years they also do markers and paint under the brand Molotow One4All. Show all Molotow products.

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