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Finnish Car-Rep offers a full range of quality products for DIY car enthusiasts and professionals. In the range from Car-Rep, you will find ready-mixed 2K spray paints, primers and lacquers with unique innovation such as the spray's lifespan of several years. They are as user-friendly as regular 1-component sprays without affecting adhesion, corrosion, scratch and chemical resistance properties.

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  • CAR-REP - Made in Finland

    Car-Rep delivers cutting-edge innovation and top performance to automotive refinishing professionals and DIYers worldwide. CAR-REP comes from the town of Veikkola, in the middle of the forest, in Finland, where their factory is still located today. CAR-REP belongs to the company Maston Oy whose history began in 1968 when aerosol production in the country took off. Today, CAR-REP is sold in over 40 countries.

    CAR-REP 2K technology spray

    CAR-REP 2K spray finish clear coat

    When it comes to surface treatment, CAR-REP has unrivaled expertise and experience. CAR-REP has taken a usually cumbersome part, like spray painting, and found a solution to it; Car-Rep 2K Quality Aerosol Products. Car-Rep 2K has patented Wise 2K technology, which is the world's first and only 2-component in a 1-compartment can, also with an unlimited usage time and shelf-life. Give your project the finish it deserves: diamond hard, scratch and impact resistant, corrosion and chemical resistant with exceptional adhesion.





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