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Talk About Street Art Talk About Street Art Talk About Street Art Talk About Street Art

Talk About Street Art

Street Art Book  •  Item ID: L-9782080201966

From Shepard Fairey's OBEY poster to Banksy's stencils, from classic throwups to Invaders Mosaic tiles, from the caves of our ancestors to the New York subwaytrains, graffiti and street art is everywhere and has long been a part of our visual culture.
Talk about Street Art covers all aspects of an art form that is often underestimated, ephemeral and illegal. The various techniques and media used are constantly evolving and includes graffiti, stencils, tags and letters, interventions, urban sculptures, collages and distortions. The book also discusses the artist's dedication and state of mind, which are important components of street art, as well as topics such as the anonymity, the risky nature of the art form, codes and ideological commitment, as well as interfaces for street art with modern art, pop surrealism, "toy art" as well as music and sports. Street art found on all continents and Talk about Street Art focuses on each country's own expressions and features.

Contains portraits of 30 key artists, a glossary and a small address book to key locations worldwide.

23x19.5cm, Softcover
256 pages, English text
187 color illustrations
Author: Jerome Catz, edited by Elisabeth Couturier
ISBN 978-2-08-020196-6

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