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Born to Run book

Book by Tod Lange, 208 pages  •  Item ID: G-9780764356421
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The book Born to Run, by Tod Lange, focuses on the metro lines IND (Independent) and BMT (Brooklyn Manhattan Transit) which, despite having acted as a canvas for a long list of legendary graffiti writers through the years, have been underrepresented in the history of graffiti in general.

Filled with high quality photos from the 70s and 80s, with works by heavyweights like Lee, Mono, Iz The Wiz, Baby168, OE3, P13 and many more. Nostalgic photos that give us a glimpse of the time from Brooklyn and Queens, when the New York Underground scene was on top.

  • ISBN 9780764356421
  • Born To Run
  • By Tod Lange
  • 208 pages, Hard cover
  • English text
  • Release: 2018-12
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