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Stylefile Blackbook Sessions 3

Released in 2009  •  Item ID: ISBN:9783980990974
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For some, sketches only serve as a reminder for the later execution on the wall or a train, for others, it's the reflection of thoughts, dreams and experiences. But on paper, that's where every style is born, developed, thrown aside and partly retaken.

For decades, a piece of paper has been the basis for culture- and generation-independent letter bending. This book presents the whole range of the international graffiti scene - no matter if made with a lot of attention to detail or easily worked out with a pencil, if modern, classical or futuristic sketches.

Sketches are the beginning of everything. How could you impart your ideas in a better way, than drawing them? They are the continuation of the thought. If it ends as a finished work or not, often depends on the smallest details. A false idea here or a badly-thought swing there, once went too far out on a limb or been too shy - paper doesn't lie to you and it doesn't take bribes. Sometimes it's even just the moment which decides if the way of a sketch leads to the museum or the bin.

The following pages provide an insight into the dark desk drawers and dirty pockets of the graffiti world. From Hamburg to Cape Town, from Moscow to Hiroshima, everywhere people paint with passion, without seeing an end.

Besides all the sketches, the highlight of the book is the interview on of the most influential writers of our times, PHOS4 from Berlin. He providesn the reader an insight in his well-treasured sketches. Together with his crew mate SEAR there was also the opportunity to get some background information in form of an interview. Without any doubt, the highlight of the third issue of our sketch book series.

Format: 23cm x 16cm
160 pages, soft cover
Text English/German

ISBN: 978-3-9809909-7-4

Pdf-teaser here - StylefileBBS3.pdf

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