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Stylefile 37 Creamfile

Autum 2011  •  Item ID: P-MA10137

Just a moment ago we have been in the tropics and now it is winter again. Another Stylefile Graffiti year comes to an end and reviewing this year's summer, the approaching cold, dark month already set us in a bad mood. Anyway, the best about winter is that spring follows, right?

We prepared everything for you to snuggle up on your couch and baked a cake that couldn't be creamier. With specials of MEXICO from the Rhine-Main-Area, COCONUT of the ALME Crew from the Ruhr Area, a Stylefile vs. Smash137 double page and a BECKY & STACE train-special, we did everything but taking care of calories. That should be enough for everybody.

Since Christmas is approaching, we want to think of those whose lives aren't as nice and full of presents. That's why our main focus of this issue is set on a writer who actively shaped the appearance of his home town although the scene made fun of him and society outlawed him. From graffiti's point of view Oz from Hamburg is a league of its own concerning style and consequence. We don't know anybody else who paved his own path as unconventional as Oz did over the last decades.

Almost every person who has ever been to Hamburg came across one of his smileys, no matter how rotten a wall is, it works as a space for his colorful ornaments, statements and slogans. Always provocative, always on spots you don't expect them. OZ isn't just a somebody, OZ is everywhere, OZ is more Hamburg then some like him to be. OZ is part of our society and of our culture. OZ is one of the most individual artists of our time.

We say FREE OZ!, because a country, that calls itself "the country of the poets and philosophers" can't imprison their freethinkers.

84 Sidor
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