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Os Gemeos, VitchÚ, Nina  •  Item ID: ISBN:9783937946542

Cubabrasil: Over 25 artists from Brazil, Germany and Cuba joined forces in this extraordinary creative coming-together, which took place in Havana, Pinar del Rio, SÒo Paulo and Berlin. This book documents the countless pieces and large-scale murals, guerrilla video projections, workshops and exhibitions, which were born from this intercultural collaboration.

Latin American aerosol stars like
Os Gemeos, VitchÚ, Nina and Joana;

German aerosol artists
Won, Neon, Cemnoz, Stone,
the video artists group BerlinBeamBoys

and some of Cubas' best muralists.

"Cubabrasil, a talented international graffiti collective, [...] made strategic interventions around Havana, creating distinctive, large-scale murals weaving together the discernible styles of the various artists. Their efforts resulted [...] in some of the most cheerful visuals one might encounter around Havana." Art in America

"The result of the gang's stay in Havana was a whole bunch of wall projects. Among the large collaborative projects that catch the eye and small, fast-style with nice characters to brighten up dark streets and alleys." Rugged Magazine

Format: 23,5 x 16cm (9.25 x 6.3inch)
128 full color pages
photographs: 478 photos & illustrations paperback / hardcover

English edition

ISBN Paperback: 978-3-937946-54-2


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