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This book is Hip Hop history par excellence. Zebster is a graffiti writer, music producer (ZEB.ROC.SKI), historian and organizer of international Hip Hop projects. He began breaking and writing graffiti in the early 80s and is considered one of the top European writers of the era. But Zebster gained his fame in the global Hip Hop community for many other feats as well, many of which became mile stones in Hip Hop History.

In 1990, he started the On The Run Graffiti Magazine, by 1992 he founded the Hip Hop label MZEE Records and later in 1995 he co-founded From Here To Fame as a Hip Hop network company. He is the author of "Graffiti Art Germany" (1994) and producer of the world-renowned bestseller "Hip Hop Files".with Martha Cooper In 2007, he founded the Hip Hop StĀ³tzpunkt (base) in Berlin and is currently curating various cultural projects in China and India.

His life story is fascinating, hyperactive and at times controversial. Get it from the source, from the founder of On The Run, From Here To Fame and the Hip Hop label MZEE Records himself.

Format: 23,5 x 16cm (9.25 x 6.3inch)

144 full color pages,
with 16 additional pages for free!
photographs: 400 photos & illustrations
paperback / limited collector's edition

English edition
ISBN Paperback: 978-3-937946-33-7

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