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Blackbook Võstmanland

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VõsterÕs was one of the first cities in Sweden which had its own graffiti and hip-hop scene. Puppet, Aroma, Mind, Out, Kabo, Beta + Loop Troop are some of the names you're familiar with if you where down with the scen in the 90's. Now, Võstmanland County Museum has done an extensive documentation of how graffiti grew up in VõsterÕs and Võstmanland since the mid-1980s, and the book is really good. A lot of really evocative images from a time before "Fotolog" and internet. Really good lyrics about everything from society's view of graffiti, police work to paint, techniques and styles before there was a whole market of custom graffiti products.

ISBN 978-91-85397-44-0, 25x24cm, 160 pages, Swedish edition.

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