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Unlike U DVD

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UNLIKE U melts into a scene, which for outsiders, is hard to comprehend. The world of trainwriters, those spray paint artists who specialize in painting trams and underground trains. Extremely undercover. Extremely criminal. Extremely forbidden.

UNLIKE U portrais four generations of sprayers in Berlin, of which the oldest of the hardcore artists is already over 40 years old, while the youngest are around 17. All protagonists have one thing in common. Each one has sprayed countless trains in their lives, some of them even over a 1000.

Through intensive interviews the film makers aim to understand the motives of sprayers, what drives them to commit a crime which has no recognition in the public domain and is according to offical documetation an act of willfull damaging of property , and furthermore, painted trains get taken
out of service as quickly as possible. The probability therefor, that the artist ever gets to see his project as a driving screen is next to none. What then, makes this action worthwhile? How does the artist find self-fulfillment? What makes the artists tick?

Check out the youtube-trailer here - UNLIKE U!

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