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Retard Episode 1 DVD Retard Episode 1 DVD Retard Episode 1 DVD

Retard Episode 1 DVD

Stockholm 2009-2011  •  Item ID: RETARD-1-DVD

Stockholm 2011., SL adds more resources than ever before in the war against graffitiáandáhas recruitedáhundreds of goons and installed cameras and alarms. The word on the street is that the train scene is dead. Retard Episode 1áshowsáthe opposite.á


In this 90 minutes long DVD we get to follow stockholms most wanted crews when they go bombing subways and commuter trains. The movie is packed with subway wholecars, yard missions and trippy backjumps but also subwaystations, walls and clashes with CSG, SL?s own private army.á


Directed by Art Vandalay and featuring crews like BST, Y2K, AOD, F-UPS, FAME and more we give you Retard Episode 1 filmed on location during the years 2009-2011.

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