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Rocky Volym 6

Released in 2004  •  Item ID: ISBN:9189632214

We get a glimpse of how Rocky lives, evolve, how long he sleeps in the morning and how the relationship really is with his girlfriend. Society penetratesáRocky's mind more and more and he comments, for example, the murder of Anna Lindh, Swedish Social Democratic politician, and the failed mental health system in the country: ".. a six year old stabbed to death because somebody thinks she is Sweden's Foreignminister." Rocky goes out into the woods to pick mushrooms and gets lost for 2 weeks. How does an urban brain, like Rockys, react in such experiments? Rocky moves up in Stockholms S÷dermalm and gets a new view of the city. His brother moves to a deserted cottage in the country and tryes to survive among farmers and mopeds.

In this volume Rocky travels more than usual. Under confused circumstances, he travels to Tokyo, where he is offered to climb Fuji. Then he goes on a month-long sojourn to Thailand and finally gets to hang out with Swedish charter tourists.

21.5x23.5 cm
96 pages
Swedish text

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