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The Street Art Stencil Book The Street Art Stencil Book

The Street Art Stencil Book

Book, 90 pages  •  Item ID: ISBN:9781856697019

The Street Art Stencil Book is a pure celebration to streetart and above all stencils. It is a book full of stencils that can be used directly, or just be an inspiration for others to create. The 20 stencils, printed on perforated paper so that they can be torn out and used, created by international artists covering contemporary street art scene!
Each artist has created a picture of their stencil showing how they would use it, along with other images. There is also a short biography of each artist.
The book begins with an interview with one of the founders of the stencil art, Paris-based artist Blek Le Rat, who has also created a stencil for the book.A collector's item in itself, the book is a must for artists, illustrators and those who love street art.

Alexandre Orion, Brazil
Blek Le Rat, France
Paul Insect, UK
Aiko, Japan
Eine, UK
Pure Evil, UK
Borf, USA
Nick Walker, UK
B Toy, Spain
Logan Hicks, USA
XOOOOX, Germany
Ben Frost, Australia
C215, France
Bandit, Spain
D-Face, UK
M-City, Poland
Hush, UK
Eelus, UK
Jef Aerosol, France
Mantis, UK

25x25cm, 90 pages, English edition.

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