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Molotow ONE4ALL Specialtech Tip 1mm (2 pack)

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1mm replacementtips for the Molotow One4All 127HS/111EM Series.
Pack of 2.

  • Note It is very important that you shake the pen well before the paint is pumped out, especially if you use these pillows. If you do not, the binder in the cape first and reacts like glue, which blocks it. Then store the pen lying and if you want to ensure that the cape is tip top, you can press a little bit of a damp sponge/cloth in the cap.
Average rating 2/5 based on 1 reviews.
I didn't much like them. I tend to angle pens a lot and for that they aren't really suitable. Similar to some fineliners. Difference being that were trying to use these with pigmented paint instead of dye based ink.
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