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Talens Ecoline Brush Pen, Set 10

Water based, Brush  •  Item ID: M-1150-9002
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Royal Talens Ecoline Brush Pen is equipped with a  soft brush nib, which delivers both thin lines for details and broad lines to fill larger areas. The pens are filled with transparent watercolor that is not waterproof, so you can work and mix the colors using water or Ecoline blender.

Another fun feature, which actually is the main reason why we chose to include these at Highlights, is that you can transfer color from one pen to another without hurting the nibs, and fade colors really well. Place the nibs against each other and allow the color to cross over to the other. Then fill the area of the paper and see the effect! Continue to the nib has return to its original color.

This is a 5-pack, see the other variants under Accessories below.

  • 1 x 205
  • 1 x 227
  • 1 x 237
  • 1 x 334
  • 1 x 337
  • 1 x 548
  • 1 x 506
  • 1 x 578
  • 1 x 600
  • 1 x 700
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