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Molotow Grafx Aqua Ink Pump Softliner 1mm

1mm, waterbased  •  Item ID: F-727001
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The world's first pump marker with brush tip, Molotow grafx, now with water-based ink! Due to its versatility and color intensity, it is already the new and universal star in design, graphics and arts sector. Perfect for all types of applications. The ink is completely harmless and therefore also suitable for children, perfect for both larg and small artists. 1 mm chisel tip.

Antal Styckpris Totalt
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Primary Yellow AI.01
In stock 59 kr
Orange AI.03
In stock 60 kr
Vermilion Red AI.05
In stock 60 kr
Pink AI.08
In stock 60 kr
Purple AI.10
In stock 60 kr
Primary Blue AI.11
In stock 60 kr
Cyan AI.12
In stock 60 kr
Turquoise AI.13
In stock 60 kr
Dark Green AI.15
In stock 60 kr
Yellow Green AI.16
In stock 60 kr
Brown AI.19
In stock 60 kr
Deep Black AI.22
In stock 60 kr
Antal Styckpris Totalt
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  • soft-edged 1 mm brush tip - exchangeable
  • color intense water-based special ink
  • water-soluble
  • refillable
  • patented pumping system and capillary technology
  • available in 12 color
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