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Highlights Acrylic Pack, Xlarge

Acrylic paint pack  •  Item ID: HL-Acrylic-4

Highlights Acrylic Packs, our ready-to-go acrylic pack for canvas painting. Available in four different sizes and contains everything you might need to get started, with a nice-price package price.

See specification below for exact content in this pack. Complete with other products if desired or required.

Sorry - this product is currently not avaiable for purchase.

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  • Highlights Acrylic Pack, Xlarge contains:
  • Plastpalett P186
  • Canvas Stretched F10 55x46 cm - 3 Pack
  • Canvas Stretched F5 35x27 cm - 3 Pack
  • W&N Galeria Akrylfärg 60ml, 10-Set
  • R&L GOLD Taklon 9161, 6-set
  • R&L ZEN Brush Z33F Flat 6
  • R&L ZEN Brush Z33F Flat 10
  • MTN Water Based 100ml Workshop Pack, 16-pack
  • MTN Water Based Marker 3mm - 8 set
  • MTN Water Based Marker 5mm, White
  • MTN Water Based Marker 5mm, Black
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