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Kodak Gold 200 ASA 3 pcs Expired Kodak Gold 200 ASA 3 pcs Expired

Kodak Gold 200 ASA 3 pcs Expired

Expired film  •  Item ID: F236GOLD

Nice price! Kodak Gold 200 is an all-rounder. This color negative film will yield color saturation, color accuracy and sharpness even though the film is expired and if you are lucky you will get some special effects. The film designed to perform best under bright conditions. So shoot it on a sunny day at the beach, on a snow-covered mountaintop in Tibet, or paired with your favorite Lomography flash! The film expired a couple of years ago and comes in pack of three with 36 exposures on each roll. ISO 200 35mm film. The film is distributed by Lomography.

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