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Grog Booster 08 SKI Grog Booster 08 SKI

Grog Booster 08 SKI

Magic Dust  •  Item ID: P-B08K-01
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Booster is the secret Street Killer Ink ingredient, the magic dust that makes the ink more powerful than ever.

8 grams of pure power, Booster gives something extra to your inks: once added to your favourite ink, it gets deep on porous surfaces, making your mark more resistant to buffi and protects from the sun for longer, thanks to anti-UV filters.

If you want the most out of your Booster, let it sit all night before use: the chemical reaction will be even more devastating! One bag per 200ml ink.

  • Pigment powder, 8 grams
  • Black
  • Contains UV filter
  • Make your ink stronger and more durable
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